What is coffee kombucha?

Coffee kombucha is all-natural caffeine that is combined with probiotic goodness. Naturally fermented, better-for-you coffee only product (no tea). Less caffeinated than a standard cup of coffee. Perfect for a much-needed energy boost.

What does Cobouchy taste like?

The flavor of coffee kombucha awakens your curiosity. The intrigue of the first sip is followed by surprise and delight as you continue drinking. The bitter notes from the coffee are balanced by the fermentation’s acidity. Complemented by a sweetness that can only be found in juice. Lightly effervescent and all-natural nourishment.

Does Cobouchy need to be refrigerated?

Yes! Cobouchy should be kept in the refrigerator as much as possible and is best enjoyed chilled. It will be ok at room temperature for a few hours but better to put the drink back in the fridge before consuming.  

How long does Cobouchy last?

Kept in the refrigerator, Cobouchy will last approximately two months.

How many calories and caffeine are in Cobouchy?

Exact testing is underway. Until then, each 8 oz serving has approximately 10-20 calories. Lift Off has approximately 25-40mg caffeine and Kick in the Cobouchy has approximately 60-80mg caffeine.

How/when to drink Cobouchy?

Have it on ice, in the morning, in the afternoon, whatever time meets you on your caffeine journey. Make it into a popsicle, bake it into a cupcake, wherever your heart and stomach take you.

How can I get my hands on Cobouchy?

If you are in Charlottesville, then you are in luck! You can order for local pick up or delivery. Otherwise, six packs are available for shipping. 

What's up with the branding?

Jing designed the logo to with a rocket ship because everyone is on a journey in their day, and Cobouchy is the boost to get you to your destination. Cobouchy is an innovative beverage that is on the frontier of coffee, and rocket ships take us to new destinations.

How did you come up with the name Cobouchy?

Cobouchy is a portmanteau of coffee and kombucha, and when you say it makes you smile.  

What kind of company does Cobouchy aspire to be?

Cobouchy wants to uplift others and donates any proceeds from tastings to a local Charlottesville charity. Promoting diversity and sustainability are key values that fulfill Cobouchy.  

Who else is working on Cobouchy?

Cobouchy is a one-woman company so far but has the support of many kind friends and family members. If you are interested in joining, please email cobouchy@gmail.com.

Cobouchy in the media:

Press, media, or other inquiries?

Please email cobouchy@gmail.com